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Our terminals

One Platform

Multiple Solutions

One Unique Payment Platform which comes in different form factors creating a flexible solution for all environments and Vending Machines supporting many payment scheme’s in one device. The P6 series is designed for unattended points of sale, such as Food or Soda vending machines, carwash stations, parking machines etc. As Vending Machines come in many different sizes and shapes, the P6 platform comes in various designs to offer the best solution for every situation.


A cashless payment terminal that fits your needs? Payter has a wide selection of terminals to suit many different unattended payment situations. We are happy to help you to find the right terminal and help you manage your business more efficiently by supplying cutting edge hardware technology along with a suite of in-house developed software solutions.

"Payter Terminals are the next step in reducing costs and risks of handling cash"

Contactless Only


Contactless Payment Innovation

The P66 is a stylish designed terminal based upon the European Vending Association specification that can be easily integrated into the current machines. The ruggedized terminal is integrated (or placed behind a glass front) in the Vending Machines, which makes it less prone to vandalism as the traditional build-on-top terminals creating a professional and clean look-and-feel.

Also available in white

Contactless only

Front Mounted

Compact solutions

The P66S is the ideal solution for machines which has minimum space to integrate a terminal such as snack walls and toilets. The P66S unit is split into two parts: card reader and communication unit.

The card reader can be mounted on top of any machine, while the communication unit is located inside the machine. Ideal for small footprints; snack walls, toilets, table top coffee machines and more.

Front Mountd
All in one terinal
p68 iso
P68 White

All-in-one terminal

Tap, dip or swipe

The P68 is a stylish designed terminal that supports all cards for secure, fast and convenient payments. This terminal supports all types of cards; credit and debit cards and a broad range of loyalty cards which are based on magnetic stripe.

  • Contactless (Tap)

  • Chip /Contact (Dip)

  • Magnetic stripe (Swipe)


Also available in white

Angle casing (topmounted)

Table Top Add-on

The Angle casing

There will always be locations or vending machines where it is impossible or unwanted to integrate a cashless payment terminal. Therefore, Payter introduces a new universal accessory for its payment terminals: The Angle Add-on. The Stylish designed accessory, allows a cost-efficient solution for securely mounting the cashless terminals on countertops or besides a vending machine. In addition it can be used for wall mounting solutions.


The Angle casing  can be delivered with

an instruction plate for your customers.

Also available in white


Easy to Connect

A Solution for every integration

With its LAN connection and interfaces for serial, USB, MDB and GSM/GPRS communication makes the P6 series the ideal flexible solution for unattended contactless transactions. In addition to the standard interfaces are the P6 terminals also equipped with additional input/output (potential free contact) interfaces enabling the control of peripheral devices such as turnstiles, doors, carwash systems, servo motors etc.



Data Contract

Every Payter terminal comes with a LAN connection;

this is also the preferred connection method. If there is no LAN connection available, the terminal can be provided with a integrated 3g/4G modem. As part of an all-in-one solution Payter is also able to provide a data contract for your terminals. The terminals will be supplied including GSM modem, SIM-Card and service contract, creating a real Plug & Play solution, which works directly out of the Box.


Behind Glass

Fully Integrated

Contactless enables you to create a fully integrated solution and a smooth, vandal proof and elegant solution by mounting the terminal behind glass or perplex front up to 4-5 mm. Payter developed an OEM unit, ideal for outdoor applications such as carwashes, electrical Vehicle chargers, parking's, laundromats and more.

Contacts us for more details.



A strong brand and image are essential nowadays. Increase the visibility of your brand and services by using the branding and customization options of the Payter products.

All Payter products can be supplied in the corporate identity and with the logo of your business. The combination of your colors and corporate identity with the unique design of the Payter products, creates strong visibility, of which you can make optimal use in your marketing communication strategy.

If you would like to know more about the available options, don’t hesitate to contact us.



Need additional accessories for your implementation, we can help you.

  • MDB Cable Split cable 1 meter.

  • Mounting Frames

  • 10 mtr LAN Cable CAT 5.

  • Vandal Proof Dome antenna

  • Serial Cables.

  • and more...

Please contact us for an overview of all our offerings


Software Development Kit

Build your own application

Create your own innovative applications for the Payter readers with the help of the Payter Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK contains a complete set of development tools for using all options of the Readers, including sample code, user manual. The SDK provides all specifications to communicate from any host system with the Payter terminals based upon the Payter proprietary remote terminal protocol via various connections, e.g. RS232, TCP/IP etc. The RTP protocol can be used in different ways. The report API provides a generic mechanism to request JSON formatted reports.

The SDK comes with five (5) support hours and access to the Payter Development Centre, in which direct support questions can be posted, RMA’s reported and various downloads are available such as tools for terminal configuration.



Tailored Solutions

Take advantage of the experiences and developments of Payter, our in-house development and leading edge technology for safe and future proof identification, e-ticketing and e-payment. If you would like to have a product, tailored to your requirements and desires, we will use our expertise and innovative technologies to build you a sustainable solution.


MDB Logger & Executive Converter

MDB Logger

For all the occasions where you really need to check all the communication over the MDB bus, the Vendbox can be configured as an MDB logger. The Vendbox can store up to 256 MB in log files on a SD card and is powered through MDB, no additional power required. Ideal for logging the data communication over a longer period of time. The log files can easily be retrieved from the SD card with any PC.

Executive Converter

The Vendbox is the ideal solution in connecting 
the Payter terminals to any Vending machine that 
only supports Executive (protocol (A). 
The price tables can easily be downloaded using a SD Card. Just Plug & Play.




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