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About Payter

Payter is expert, pioneer and leader in the field of contactless NFC and Cashless technology. With the largest pilot in Europe in the field of contactless and mobile payments and mobile marketing, Payter obtained instant fame and recognition in 2007. Since then, Payter has been structurally deployed by companies around the globe, to bring together innovative  technologies to create sustainable, safe, efficient and future proof solutions.

Payter offers an unique payment platform, combining payments, with private loop cards, loyalty and telemetry. 

The Payter terminals are available in different form factors providing a flexible solution for all unattended environments.
Experience shows that adding cashless payment solutions not only increases the revenue of machine, it also increases the user experience and allows a real-time data connection to the machine. This coupled with several payment solutions (NFC, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay etc.) creates endless new possibilities for the vending Industry. These new possibilities will reshape the way the vending sector connects to the customer, manage machines park etc. Payter is continuously innovating to provide products and services that allow organizations to benefit from this evolution and  their core business.

Payter core values:

  • High Quality for the Right Price

  • Customer focused: Great Service and Expertise

  • Compliant with International Standards, EMV Certified

  • Great design

  • User Friendly (intuitive use) for all users (retailers and customers)

  • Future-proof & Multifunctional & Easy to integrate

Everything should be as easy as Just Tap

In House Development

A team of highly skilled, innovative developers guarantee state-of- the-art products, customized to the various markets in which Payter operates. Through the unique combination of all disciplines of product development under one roof; Hardware , Software and Mechanical, Payter can tailor products and solutions to the market needs with a very short time- to-market. The Payter security experts ensure safe, reliable and future- oriented solutions compliant to the highest standards.

Combined with an efficient production process and years of experience in producing sophisticated technical products ensure an optimum price-quality ratio. Our goal is to provide quality products and services against minimal investment which outperforms the competition in terms of design, cost price and featuring and meets all relevant agency approvals.


Developing and implementing sustainable solutions for safe, reliable, efficient and future proof identification, e-ticketing and e-payment, with our expertise an innovative technologies. Payter aims at structural partnerships with its customers on a global level.

Close cooperation with renowned companies, such as NXP, ensures that Payter can offer the highest level of quality and the newest technology in the area of Near Field communication. Together realizing that buying goods will be as easy as making a phone call. Payter is also an active participant of international forums such as the  Mobey Forum and NFC  to keep up to date with international standards and development. Payter is working hard to be one of the trendsetters on mobile payment in the world.



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