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How it works


Always in Control

Telemetry allows machines to accept cashless payments and enables operators to remotely monitor their machines. Telemetry technology can continually feed operators fresh data about product movement, cash inventory and the physical condition of their machines. This valuable data can help operators manage their routes more profitably and take proactive measures to service their machines and handle maintenance issues.

  • Real-time information revenue

    • (NFC, Cash, closed loop card)

  • Product Sales

  • Monitor connections, errors

  • In control of your machine park

  • Free of Charge

  • API available for direct download of the sales data

Gettig Started
Terminal managment system

Terminal Management System

Always Up to date

The Payter readers have a unique 'remote software download mechanism'. This safe download feature enables the software and the settings of Payter readers to be adjusted safely and remotely. Expensive service visits are no longer required and adjustments to your software can be implemented quickly and efficiently.


Thanks to this feature a future proof system is created, in which changes in functionality can be applied easily, safely and quickly, while reducing the Cost of Ownership. Payter is happy to offer you the possibility of using this feature, through the Payter Terminal Management System. 



  • Simplification of the logistics processes

  • Remote Key Injection

  • Always updated terminal park

  • Easy addition of new services

  • Easy roll out process

Getting Started


If you choose to implement our Cashless Payment System, you are able you to accept debit and credit cards on your equipment. Our goal is to provide you with a smooth and seamless implementation. To receive the payments for the purchases on the Payment terminal you will need a contract with an acquiring bank and or a gateway.

Card                                                   Terminal                                                Gateway                                Acquiring Bank                   Merchant Bank

Payter works with the  biggest processors and acquirers in the United States, UK and Europe to provide you with the freedom of choice of your preferred banking partner. We will help you to select the best partners for you to ensure a smooth and speedy setup of the Payment terminal.

Connected Machines

Proven Solution

Payter supports 99% of the standard unattended automated machines,

just a few of our supported brands are:

Unattended Integrations

The Payter terminals are integrated in all sorts of unattended solutions. 

Please find some of our other supported brands in Access, Carwash, Electrical Vehicle Charging, AirVacs and more.

QR Codes

More than just Cards

QR codes are becoming more popular as a payment or discount method for your favorite drink, snack or service. To increase acceptance and utilize the wide range of possibilities of QR codes, a QR/bar code scanner can be provided directly connected to the terminal, processing the scanned code through the terminal, therefor no addition processor or intelligence is required on your systems. The QR/bar code can be used to process payments through phone apps or provide discounts for specials or customers. Discounts can be based upon a fixed amount, e.g. 50 cents or a percentage but can also be used to provide a complementary cup of coffee for loyal customers.

The scanner is capable of reading paper and digital vouchers even up to two simultaneous.

Payter can also provide a specially designed cabinet for a terminal with barcode scanner. The verification of the voucher can be done through a local host or through the Payter system.


Conneted Machines


Exceeding standards

The terminals are certified by MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Discover according to the latest standards and accredited through various acquirers by the same Card scheme’s. The terminal incorporates the following security measures for data handling; SSL TLS 1.2, SRED and DUKPT which are compliant to the PCI regulations for data security. The routing of the transactions through the various gateways such as  Creditcall is PCI certified. The production of the terminals is certified by MasterCard and the TüV in a Terminal Quality Management system.

Off-line transactions

The Payter terminals are capable to process off-line and on-line transactions.

All communication and encryption keys used to encrypt 'off-line' transactions and the communication to the bank are securely stored a SAM (Secure Application Module EAL 5+) which is equally secure as an EMV card.




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