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Cashless payments

Benefits of Cashless 

Offer your consumer the convenience and flexibility to pay any way they want

For merchants:

  • Increased consumer convenience

  • Faster and more secure transactions

  • Fewer queues

  • Money-saving

  • Daily transfer of funds

  • Incremental sales

  • Direct insight into the balance

For consumers:

  • Stolen funds are reimbursed

  • No pin entry required

  • No wear and tear on cards or card readers that are not working

Would you like to do something about your queues at your locations? Or making your vending machines ready for the next generation? Contactless payments are the solution. Contactless payments are fast, convenient and secure. Worldwide, millions of people pay contactless by phone or card.

Cashless payments are rapidly emerging in all areas of global commerce, thanks to their safety and convenience. Cashless payments encompass payments made with credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards for closed environment settings like a workplace or university. And gaining popularity; mobile payments via applications like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay.


Payment Schemes

Payter terminals accept all forms of cashless payments

Payter supports the following international debit and credit card schemes:

Payment schems_website.png

Closed User Group 



Campus, Staff or Company cards

In addition to the EMV banking cards, the Payter terminals combines the support of a broad range of cards, phones and tokens, all in one terminal:

  • Loyalty

  • Campus Card

  • Closed user group cards

  • Discount cards

  • Coupons


The terminals support both Centrally stored value (balance in the cloud) or Distributed Stored value (balance on the card). Using your existing "physical access" cards or tokens is possible. 

Thanks to NFC via mobile phone loyalty cards are no longer needed. The new technology gives you a faster and easier access to customer information. You can also use the mobile phone as a service channel for your customers.


Customer identification through:

  • Contactless cards/fobs

  • Magstripe cards or Chip cards

  • Barcode and QR-code (coupons)



  • Discount % or fixed amount (e.g. 10% or 50p)

  • Payment done through Cash or Cashless

  • Payment using Closed loop club cards

  • Save loyalty points

Your own Solution

Payter has a plug & play API available which makes integration with your system easy quick and simple.

It is our pleasure to provide you with more information or a personal advise.

Our Partners

Want to use a out of the box solution, Payter works with various partner to provide the best of class solutions.

Transaction Process

Payments nowadays are as easy as TAP & GO, but behind the scenes there are many partners working hard to make this a smooth and efficient experience. We would like to give you an insight of the journey of a transaction follows to transfer the funds from your customers account into your account.

Card or Phone                          Terminal                             Gateway                            Acquiring                   Merchant

 Bank                          Bank           

Transaction Flow
Gateways & Banks

Gateways and Banks

We work with the biggest processors and acquirers in the United States, UK and Europe to provide you with the freedom of choice of your preferred banking partner.

PZBrands 2018.png


Find us here

Supported regions  

Currently Payter operates in all European countries, Turkey, The United States and Canada*. We are always looking to expand, so don't hesitate to contact us! 

* Magstripe only


Certified Solution

Payter terminals comply with the highest International Standards.




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