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Cashless Donations


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donating has never been easier

Contactless has revolutionized how consumers pay for goods and services, and with fewer and fewer people carrying cash, contactless can do the same for charities. As buying habits have changed, the general public is moving towards a contactless environment, for both the purchase of low value goods and crucially donating by card or phone.

Why your charity needs contactless donations:

  • Fewer people are carrying cash

  • the average donation amount is much higher

  • Encourages spontaneous donation

  • More secure, less administration

  • Potential to reduce costs

  • Easier to track campaigns

  • Inspires confidence in your brand

  • More convenience to volunteers and donors

  • Cash usage reducing

Incremental Donations

Convenient giving

Contactless trials have shown that 30% of donors prefer donating by card instead of cash. Also, the
average cash collection box only accepts around £30 in cash which is liable to theft, is heavy and is time consuming to count the contents.
Experience learned that not only it’s more convenient to donate contactless, also the average donation amount is much higher.

In various implementation of contactless donation terminals in the Netherlands and the UK, Payter has witnessed average donations increase 150%, from £1.31 with cash to £3.28. Average total donations per station / box have also risen from £57 (cash only) to £124, with the top performing terminals netting £701.50 to £789 in just three or four hours.

Contactless Donation Solutions

Flexible solutions

One Unique Payment Platform which comes in different form factors creating a flexible solution for all environments. As there are many different solutions for raising donations, the Payter Donation Boxes comes in various designs to offer the
best solution for every situation.


  • Since the Contactless Donation Terminal do not contain any money, they may be placed in public places without risk of theft

  • Lightweight and easy to use for volunteers and donors

  • Combines GPRS and contactless technology

  • Can still be used offline without phone signal

  • Up to 8 hours battery life

  • Waterproof and robust, reliable and consistent

  • An unattended device available for in-store donations

  • Pilots in several countries are showing an increase of 10-20% in donations

  • The money is transferred directly, making direct insight into the numbers

  • Reducing errors / fraud

Integrated Units

Embed donations in any display

How it works

  • Processes
  • Security
  • Options
  • And more...


Raising donations is also about creating an inspiring and attractive experience for the donor. Please find below some of the many examples of successful implementations for inspiration.

The terminals are very easy to connect to a simple circuitry to light a Christmas tree, license plate, trigger a video and much more to enhance the experience and thank the donor.

Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal Goes Contactless with Creditcall and Payter


Gromit Unleashed 2, The Grand Appeal’s charity arts trail, given fundraising boost with contactless ‘tap and go’ donation points at Wallace, Gromit and Feathers McGraw sculptures around Bristol, UK



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