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Payter becomes the first payment solution to join ChargeUK

We are thrilled to announce that Payter has been accepted as the first payment technology company to be an official member of ChargeUK.

A graphic with the ChargeUK logo + Payter logo, and a Payter Apollo payment terminal to the right, where the screen displays a thank you message for charging your vehicle.

ChargeUK is a collective of businesses in the electric vehicle (EV) charging industry dedicated to supporting the delivery of the UK’s Net Zero goals. They aim to accomplish this by representing the EV charging infrastructure and advocating for policies to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles in the UK.

Installing Payter contactless terminals at EV charge points not only ensures compliance with the latest EV charging legislation but also enhances the user experience through ease of use and flexibility. 

Ben Stocker, CCO of Payter, shares his thoughts on Payter joining the admirable organisation ChargeUK:

“We at Payter are thrilled to be part of this admirable organisation. Our involvement with ChargeUK not only helps us grow as a business to adapt to the needs of the EV charging sector but also brings a voice from the payments industry to the EV charging space. 

As a company, we have established our place in the EV charging ecosystem, and we aim to continue to support the industry and our nation’s goals towards achieving Net Zero.”

We look forward to seeing how much this collaboration will accomplish for the UK’s Net Zero ambitions in the EV charging and fintech industries.

Want to know more about contactless payment solutions for EV charging? Get in touch!


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