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MyPayter is the portal to your payment terminal data

When you set up your payment terminals for your unattended services, you will be eager to monitor the usage and revenue they begin to generate. The MyPayter payment terminal management software is your window to all the data you need to manage your terminal usage effectively.

What is telemetry

Telemetry is the real-time data that allows payment terminals to accept cashless payments and provide operators with remote insight into terminal usage and health. This valuable data includes product movement, cash inventory and the physical condition of the terminals. 

How telemetry is collected

Customers can choose from various payment methods when paying for their product or service with an Apollo payment terminal.

Users can pay by:

  • All major credit and debit cards

  • Contactless NFC

  • Apple Pay and Google Pay

  • Charge cards

  • RFID

  • QR code

Hand holding a credit card to a Payter Apollo payment terminal for three euros. The machine is producing a ticket.

Accepting different payment methods enhances the user experience and can boost revenue, as more consumers are able to make a purchase.

How your telemetry is delivered

Telemetry data requires a connection to a network to be delivered to your terminal management software for monitoring.

Though the devices are small, Apollo payment terminals are equipped with hardware that connects to WiFi, 4G networks, or via Local Area Network (LAN). This capability allows for fast processing as the encrypted payment details are sent to the customer’s bank for verification via Remote Key Injection (RKI).

Stay up to date with your terminal telemetry

Terminal management software such as MyPayter allows you to monitor product sales using your terminals' telemetry. You can better understand transaction volume, popular items, and peak sales times. Terminal management software can also optimise inventory management, pricing strategies, and machine placement.

Remote maintenance features like error tracking and terminal uptime monitoring help avoid expensive service visits. Reducing the risk of downtime can significantly improve the customer experience with reliable machines.

Access your terminal telemetry within your financial software 

With the MyPayter API, you can feed your telemetry data from your payment terminals into your financial management software to better monitor your overall revenue within your business. 

An API is programming code that permits the connection between two separate software programs to exchange data securely. An experienced developer will typically install, test, and maintain the code and connection.

Telemetry is the backbone of unattended payment systems

MyPayter grants you access to essential data, helping your business efficiently manage terminals and optimise operations. When effectively utilising terminal telemetry, your business can make smarter, data-driven decisions and stay competitive in today's market. With MyPayter, you gain a window into terminal telemetry and unlock the potential for streamlined operations and enhanced decision-making.

Ready to learn more about how to make the most of your unattended services with Payter? Get in touch today.


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