P68 The Arc



P68 - The Arc

The terminal that supports all cards for secure fast and convenient payments. The P68 not only supports all card types whether it is credit or debit cards it also supports a broad range of loyalty cards which are based on magnetic stripe.
Do you want to reward your loyal customer with discounts with the P68 you can.

+ Contactless (Tap)
+ Chip /Contact (Dip)
+ Magnetic stripe (Swipe)


In addition to the EMV banking cards, the Payter terminal support a broad range of cards, phones and tokens, all in one terminal:

+ Loyalty
+ Campus Card
+ Closed loop Cards
+ Discount Card
+ Coupons

The new Angle Casing

Er zullen altijd locaties of automaten zijn waar het onmogelijk of ongewenst is om een terminal te integreren. Daarom introduceert Payter ook een nieuwe universele accessoire die voor zowel de nieuwe P66 en P68 kan worden gebruikt: The Angle Add-on.

Door gebruik te maken van de Angle Casing, kunnen de P66 en P68 veilig worden gemonteerd op countertops of aan de muur worden gemonteerd voor bv. drive through, box office windows etc.

Easy to Connect

With its on-board Ethernet connection and interfaces for serial, USB, MDB and GSM/GPRS communication makes the P6 series the ideal flexible solution for unattended contactless transactions. In addition to the standard interfaces are the P6 terminals also equipped with additional input/output (potential free contact) interfaces enabling the control of peripheral devices such as turnstiles, doors, carwash systems, servo motors etc.

Easy mounting

Based upon the EVA (European Vending Association) standards;
The P68 is easy to integrated. Just Plug and play. 


The Payter Vending terminals also support Telemetry
This enables you to remotely monitor your machines.

Telemetry technology:

•   Continually feeds you fresh data about product movement,
cash inventory and the physical condition of your machines

•   Can help you manage your routes more profitably
•   Take proactive measures to service your machines and
handle maintenance issues