Executive Converter
The Vendbox is the ideal solution in connecting
the Payter terminals to any Vending machine that
only supports Executive (protocol (A).
The price tables can easily be downloaded
using a SD Card. Just Plug & Play.

MDB Logger


For all the occasions where you really need to check all the communication over the MDB bus, the Vendbox can be configured as an MDB logger. The Vendbox can store up to 256 MB in log files on a SD card and is powered through MDB, no additional power required. Ideal for logging the data communication over a longer period of time. The log files can easily be retrieved from the SD card with any PC.

MultiDrop Bus (MDB)

“The multidrop bus used by vending machine controllers to communicate with the vending machine's components, such as a currency detector, is also called MDB. In use since the 1980s, it is now an open standard of the National Automatic Merchandising Association, or NAMA.”

In general
The Payter Vending terminals will support all Vending Machines that comply with the MDB specifications. Level 1-3.

Protocol A (Executive)

“Also known as Executive, this protocol was developed by Mars Electronics International in the early 1980's to interface peripherals to electronically controlled vending machines. The definitive Protocol A specification is produced by Mars Electronics International.”