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The Plane P66

The Plane P66 is the next generation of our stylish designed Contactless Payment terminal, based upon the European Vending Association specification that can be easily integrated into your machines. 

The ruggedized terminal can be integrated in Vending Machines which makes it less prone to vandalism than the traditional build-on-top terminals, creating a professional and clean look-and-feel. To make vandalism nearly impossible, a version of the P66 is available which can be placed behind a glass/acrylic front.

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The Plane Split P66S

The Plane Split P66S variant is the ideal solution for machines which has minimum space to integrate a terminal such as snack walls and toilets. The P66S unit is split into two parts: card reader and communication unit. The card reader can be mounted on top of any machine, while the communication unit is located inside the machine.

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P68 - The Arc

The terminal that supports all cards for secure fast and convenient payments. The P68 not only supports all card types whether it is credit or debit cards it also supports a broad range of loyalty cards which are based on magnetic stripe.
Do you want to reward your loyal customer with discounts with the P68 you can.

  • Contactless (Tap)
  • Chip /Contact (Dip)
  • Magnetic stripe (Swipe)


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“Almost everything in our lives is embedded in our phones, the next step is our wallets.”


The Vendbox is the ideal solution in connecting the Payter terminals to any
vending machine that only supports Executive (protocol (A)).

• Price tables can easily be downloaded using a SD Card. Just Plug & Play. 
• Can be configured as an MDB logger. 
• Can store up to 256 MB in log files on a SD card and is powered through MDB.
  So no additional power is required.

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