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    We bring together innovative 

    NFC technologies to create
    sustainable, safe, efficient and
    future proof solutions.


Payter offers high quality terminals, accessories, service and technologie. All our products can be customized to your wishes and supplied in the corporate identity and with the logo of your business.

High Quality for the Right Price  |  Customer focused: Great Service and Expertise  |  Compliant with International Standards  |  Great Design  |  User Friendly (intuitive use) for all users (retailers and customers)  |  Future-proof & Multifunctional & Easy to integrate.

Software Development Kit

With the Payter Software Development Kit (SDK) you can create your own innovative applications for the Payter readers. The SDK contains a complete set of development tools for using all options of the Readers.

• Develop your own contactless software, using all interfaces and multifunctionality provided by the Payter readers. 
• Access to the Payter on-line Development Center, with up to date information for developers including the latest drivers, code examples and releases.

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P10 - The Curve

The P10 The Curve is designed for interfacing with POS systems. The P10 helps you save
valuable time and decrease the risk of mistakes. Ideal for Myorder Cashless payment scheme.

• Creates an intuitive interface. 
• Easy to connect to the cash register through USB, Serial or TCP/IP connection. 
• Designed to take as little counter space as possible. 
• Has a SAM slot allowing secure transactions. 
• Easy to create your own loyalty applicactions.

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GPRS modem

The integrated GPRS modem provides the required connectivity for
all locations where a LAN connection is not available.

• Comes with an external antenna with a 1,5 meter cable which you
  can place where you have the best signal strength. 
• Easy mounting frame for the P66 terminals based upon the EVA standard. 
• Easy to place. 

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P45 - The Globe

For all situations where there is no cash register required The Globe P45 can work completely stand-alone. It only needs a power connection. It is the ideal solution if you don’t want an expensive integration process.

• Ideal for use in small shops, sporting clubs, newsstands. 
• Stylish design, which is easy to recognize. 
• Easy to create your own payment or loyalty applications.

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"The Payter products connect the Virtual world of Payment, loyalty, identification to the Physical world of Vending, Parking, Authorization and more."

P60 - The Angle

The ruggedized P60 The Angle is the solution for stand-alone and cash register connected applications. Ideal for secure payments in every environment. The only thing you need with the P60 GPRS Plug & Play version is power.

• Easy and fast identification and registration.
• Information is immediately forwarded through the GPRS.
• User friendly, real-time, accurate and efficient. 
• Ruggedized and waterproof, so ideal for bars or semi-outdoor locations.

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The Payter Vending terminals also support Telemetry processing. This enables you to remotely monitor your machines. Telemetry technology:

• Continually feeds you fresh data about product movement, cash inventory and the physical condition of your machines. 
• Can help you manage your routes more profitably. 
• Take proactive measures to service your machines and handle maintenance issues. 

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P65 - The Dome

The P65 is a flexible solution for unattended contactless transactions. It is an ideal replacement of the Smart Card (Chipknip, Proton) equipment.

• Compatible (dimension wise) with the most common Smart Card terminals. 
Unique ‘start’ button, which enables the vending machine without expensive software upgrades or modification to the machine. 
• Equipped with additional input/output interfaces enabling the control of peripheral devices such as turnstiles, doors and loops. 

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Terminal Management System

Payter offers you a unique download feature that enables the software
and settings of Payter readers to be adjusted safely and remotely.

• Expensive service visits are no longer required. 
• Adjustments to your software can be implemented quickly and efficiently. 

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P66 - The Plane

The P66 is a cost efficient, multifunctional payment terminal for contactless and mobile transactions at unattended points of sale such as food or soda vending machines, charging stations and parking machines.

• Can be easily placed on or next to the machine. 
• unique ‘start’ button, which enables the vending machine without.
expensive software upgrades or modification to the machine. 
• Also supports EVA DTS Telemetry processing. 

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P68 - The Arc

The terminal that supports all cards for secure fast and convenient payments. The P68 not only supports all card types whether it is credit or debit cards it also supports a broad range of loyalty cards which are based on magnetic stripe.
Do you want to reward your loyal customer with discounts with the P68 you can.

  • Contactless (Tap)
  • Chip /Contact (Dip)
  • Magnetic stripe (Swipe)


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“Almost everything in our lives is embedded in our phones, the next step is our wallets.”


The Vendbox is the ideal solution in connecting the Payter terminals to any
vending machine that only supports Executive (protocol (A)).

• Price tables can easily be downloaded using a SD Card. Just Plug & Play. 
• Can be configured as an MDB logger. 
• Can store up to 256 MB in log files on a SD card and is powered through MDB.
  So no additional power is required.

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