What can you do with NFC?

You can use Near Field Communication (NFC) in many ways. With Payter you will always find a way that suits your business. Here you will find the most important opportunities for you.

Vending machines

An unmanned vending machine is an ideal place to let your clients do a contactless payment. The Payter terminal is the perfect replacement of the Chipknip. With some adjustments they can be placed in your current candy, soft drinks and other vending machines.




At places where many people come and make small payments,
provides the contactless payment much profit in time and money.
For example, in company cafeterias, sports clubs, bars and festivals.
Payter provides terminals that easy can install in your checkout
or who work as cashiers.



Parking Not having to get out of your car or pay easy with a ticket? That's possible with contactless payment. Payter supply terminals to some of the largest providers of parking devices. For example all the Park & Rides of NS, but also the bicycle storage facilities. Because there is no opening in the terminal, they are resistant against vandalism and thus less maintenance.

Public transport

In public transport contactless technology is already a reality with the OV- chip card. Payter supplies terminals for several major players in this field. For example, the NS, HTM in The Hague and RET in Rotterdam. Payter also works with the OV-miles program where customers can save for fun activities with their smart card. Through our terminal customers can upgrade their public transport card. In the future, they can also do the payments.

Identification and time management

NFC is already used for time registration and identification.
Your employees and / or customers can easily check in and out by holding their card or phone on the reader.
The information is transmitted directly via GPRS. You always
have the customer information instantly at your service.
The Payter terminals support the construbatch program.

Customer loyalty

Thanks to NFC via mobile phone loyalty cards are no longer needed. The new technology gives you a faster and easier access to customer information. You can also use the mobile phone as a service channel for your customers.
You can use it for:
- Smart postering: allows you to add interactive content on a poster. Customers can use their mobile phone for example, order tickets for an event, watch trailers, download ringtones and receive discount coupons.
- EWallet: This is a digital wallet that customers can download the app.     
For example; they can do payments, view and download discount offers.