Contactless payment

The payment step by step

Do you want your customers to pay contactless? It is usefull to know
which includes a payment and what Payter can offer you.

Payment methods

Payter supports the following international payment methods.
Your customers pay quickly and easily.
Payments up to 25 euros per transaction with a maximum of 50 euros. Each payment shall be collected directly from the bankaccount, just like a debit card. Payter also support these local payment methods:



These logo's will show you which card or terminal supports contactless payment:




Transaction processing

The payments must be credited to your bank account. This transaction should be processed. Payter works together with specialists in this field. The transactions are handled by Creditcall to one of the largest transaction processors; Elavon.

Managing online payments

You can manage your electronic payments via Creditcall WebMIS.

It provides insight into your online payments anytime and anywhere. 
It also lets you create and download reports.  With WebMIS : 
• View your payments when and where it suits you; 24 hours a day , 7 days a week. 
• You are able to download the reports in the format you like; 
so you can attach them to serveral accounting systems.