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Would you like to do something about the queues at the cash register or desk? Or making your vending machines ready for the next generation? 
NFC contactless payment is the solution.
Contactless payment is fast, convenient and secure. The ideal replacement for the Chipknip. Worldwide, millions of people pay contactless by phone or card.

Contactless payments

Contactless payment is a payment without the introduction of a bank card or mobile phone and pin. It is based on Near Field Communication (NFC).

With this technology, electronic devices are able to simply and securely communicate with each other. 
Near Field Communication is simple; the user holds his phone only a few centimeters from the reader to do the payment. The payment is made within a few seconds.

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Benefits of contactless payment

Contactless payment offers many benefits for merchants and users: 

• Faster payments.
• Charge card or phone is not necessary.
• Direct insight into the balance.
• Stolen funds are reimbursed.
• Entering pin is not required .
• No wear and tear on cards or card readers that are not working.

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Payter makes contactless payments possible

Payter is an expert, pioneer and leader in the field of contactless NFC technology. We have been the main supplier of many big brands and companies. Our products are easy to integrate into your systems. We have extensive experience with implementation and know what it takesfor proper integration into your POS system. 

• Provides readers and terminals including a terminal management system.
• Helps you to develop a customized product.
• Provides a remote update of your products so expensive maintenance visits are not necessary.
• Develops all its products in-house.

How to pay with NFC?

Where to pay with NFC?

Which terminal or reader suits you?

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